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   Summit Collection

DeepMind 12





   Bass Master


   Classic FM

Pro 2 


Prophet 12




CraftSynth 2.0 


Bass Station 2

   Bass XL

Yamaha DX21


Roland System 8


Past to Present...

AlphaCode has been actively designing presets now for over two decades, and his love for synthesizers and electronic music began in the early 90's. By age 20, Alphacode was already producing Techno and synth heavy electronic music and performed live alongside many famous Dj's. He also released an EP on beat-port in 2014's,

In more recent years, Kamil changed course from music production to focus on sound design. Since much of his prior work as a producer naturally appealed to the masses, this lead to rapid success and recognition as one of the most appealing sound designers for today's hardware synthesizers.


AlphaCode and Aperture Sound Lab...

Soon after the release of Argon8, AlphaCode released one of the first commercial patch banks. attracting the eye of Modal Electronics.  And for their next project, Modal Electronics brought AlphaCode onboard the sound design team to help create the factory presets for their next synthesizer, the Cobalt8.  This is where AlphaCode and MajorOSC met, leading to further collaborations for Modal ad campaigns, product demos, and new patch banks.  

AlphaCode, now operating and maintaining Aperture Sound Lab. continues to release innovative and inspiring presets as an independent commercial sound designer. Aperture Sound Labs is the next stage for the AlphaCodeSynth sound design brand, operating both independently, and in collaboration with fellow sound designers MajorOSC, and Oscillator Empire. 

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